Four BFC teams mad it through to the finals of the Moscow Youth Champions League, and BFC WALES achieved success!


In Division 5, BFC Wales played their final matches led by Coach Richard. Not much coaching was needed as the players had already formed a strong bond and perfomed well under the captaincy of Grachev from the centre of the field the team dominated against FCBarcelona! A decivise 11-0 victory ensured they won their division.
Bravo to the while team, but special mention to Grachev for being a vocal leader and excellent saves from N.Yagnyatinskiand Aron who came alive in the BFC nets!


BFC Scotland took the game to their opponents, Gran Fondo, from the first whilste, with Alirezaei in fine goalscoring form. Alirezaei linked up fantastically with Moribayashi throughout the match. Korishchenko and Zemelkin came close on numberous occasions, as BFC ran out 5-0 winners.
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In Division 4, a BFC England team missing several key players displayed great confidence in what was possibly their best performance of the tournament. Despite losing to a very direct and powerful opponent in Eagle Burgmann, BFC England played some excellent football and created chance after chance. They found a large opposition goalkeeper in superb form. Kashirin and V.Yagnyatinski were fantastic controlling influences at the back for BFC, whilst Tolan covered every blade of grass from the centre of midfield.
In Division 3, BFC N Ireland faced a tough test against a good German side. After a poor start, BFC got back into the game and began to take control of the match. Kharitonov pulled one back for the team with an opportunistic volley, as they piled on the pressure.
Guler and Moskaluk both had powerful strikes parried by the opposition goalkeeper. Things did not go BFC’s way in the second half however, as the team fell further behind through a series of individual errors. At the other end of the pitch, some great dribbling by Gens continued to fashion chances for BFC, but they could not add to their goal tally.

Well done to BFC Wales, as well as BFC England, Scotland and Northern Ireland for scoring many goals, bravely battling and playing football with a good attitude! We are proud of you all!