• Richard Peers, under British Football School, proved himself to be committed, affectionate, polite, disciplined, diligent, cooperative and above all very punctual and professional coach.

      Tatiana Moiseeva
      Kid Club Russia
    • My son participated team training and was trained by Richard Peers, a coach of British Football School. The experience was just fantastic! Not only the team members had a great time, above all, they had learned so much!

      Katya Kuzmina
    • My son has been training at the British Football School Development Centre. The weekend training is very appropriate (time and location wise) and will supplement my sonโ€™s football development alongside our Moscow-based Russian Football club.

      Rodolfo D. Abenoja
    • My son developed a strong sense of fair play, self-confidence and above all, had an enormous amount of fun while improving his skills.

      Tracy McAdam
    • My son participated in British Football School training more than two years. He enjoys it very much and always get a lot of god findings from it.

      Jumpei Aoki
    • The coaches are well organized and the training sessions are well balanced between skill development and team work. But most importantly, the children have FUN! My boy is always enthusiastic and keen to get to each training session!

      Dino Vikas
    • I can’t say enough good things about the British Football School. They are professional, courteous, and well versed in the art of football.ย  With professionally trained coaches, they are courteous and well versed in the art of football.

      Dan Repko
    • Our 4 year old twins, Andreas and Mathias, started training with Coach Richard when they were 3. We chose real professional coaches, as we wanted our boys’ first soccer experience to be a quality one! They absolutely loved it! It focused their abundant energy and provided them with much needed structure and limits!

      Raluca Focsaneanu
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